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UEFA 'A' and UEFA 'B' Coaching Practices & Coaches Handbook




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 This resources comes to you in 2 parts a book and a CD (r)
Its is posted free of charge (UK only overseas add a small fee) and contains the following;




Part 1 - 170+ Page Professionally Complied Full Colour Coaches Handbook (see contents below)

Part 2 - Interactive CD with over coaching 70 Practices on TACBAORD Covering Functions, SSG’s Phases of Play and on to full 11v11 practices (see contents below)

Also on the CD is the sections on

Football Fitness
  • MSFT (yoyo) Test audio for you to play
  • Data Charts to compare fitness testing results
  • Sessions to develop individual, team and
and Coaching Tactical Formations

The Advanced Full Colour Coaches Handbook

Designed in 4 Individual Sections with detailed information as follows;

Section No 1 Advanced Coaching Information

Section No 2 Coaching UEFA ‘A’ Practice Session Plans

Section No 3 Coaching UEFA ‘B’ Practice Session Plans

Section No 4 Coaching Varied Tactical Formations


Section No 1 Advanced Coaching Information

Key Phrases in planning and delivery of successful UEFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ Practices

  • Practice Types
  • Understanding Game Transition
  • Principles of Play (Attack & Defence)
  • When to Press and when to Drop
  • Passing Priorities
  • Good Session planning for successful UEFA ‘A’ and ‘B’ Level practices
  • Consideration for delivery of a successful advanced practice
  • Start Points
  • Free Play
  • Who What and Where to Coach
  • Good Delivery Planning
  • Set Play Planning
  • Hydration and its importance for Football
  • Coaching varying tactical formations

 Section No 2 - Coaching UEFA ‘A’ Practice Session Plans following the Principles of Play

  • Set Play Session plans
  • Attacking Corners (Variations)
  • Defending Corners (Variations)
  • Attacking Free Kicks (Variations)
  • Defending Free Kicks (Variations)
  • SSG to Phase to 11v11 Game Session plan
  • Defending, Marking, Covering and Tracking
  • Function to Phase to 11v11 Game Session plans
  • Forward Runs with the Ball to Create and Exploit Space
  • Combination Play in the Attacking Third
  • Playing Out from the Defensive Third
  • Phase of Play Session plans
  • Playing Out form the Defensive Third
  • Goalkeeping Support Play
  • Back 4 Defenders Dealing with Direct Play
  • GK and Defence on Being More Effective on Dealing with Crosses
  • Function Session plans
  • Central Defenders Passing to Strikers
  • Midfield Players Support Play and Passing Positively
  • 2 Central Defenders How To Defend in Central Areas
  • 11v11 Game Session plans
  • Runs Off the Ball, Overlapping & Diagonal
  • Three Central Defenders Playing Out form the Back
  • The Shadow Striker (Zone 14 player)
  • Defending Ready to Counter Attack
  • Attacks from Wide Areas (6 options)
  • Skills Section
  • Defending Set Plays

 Section No 3 - Coaching UEFA ‘B’ Practice Session Plans following the Principles of Play

Functional Practices

  • Attacking quickly after regaining possession (counter attacking)
  • When, where and how to dribble
  • Defending in and around the penalty area
  • Crossing effectively
  • Attacking from crosses
  • Two central defenders how to defend effectively
  • The wide player on his/her responsibilities when forced inside
  • Fullback passing into forward areas
  • Central midfield players on their defensive responsibilities
  • Striker Movement
  • Combination Play
  • Running with the Ball (also Counter Attacking)
  • Small Sided Games (SSG’s) 8v8 .
  • When and how to mark ready to intercept and counter attack
  • How and when to attack quickly on regaining possession
  • The whole team on finishing
  • How to provide support in front and behind the ball
  • How to develop overloads in wide areas
  • The understanding of when to play to feet and play to space
  • Defending as a team to prevent the ball being played forward
  • Dribbling to success
  • How to develop Switching Play
  • Receiving, Screening & Turning
  • Phases of Play (Up to 20 players)
  • Playing out from the defending third
  • Combination play in the final third
  • Finishing from crosses
  • Forward runs without the ball
  • Forward runs with the ball
  • Defending marking & covering
  • Defending when outnumbered
  • Defending in Wide Areas
  • Goalkeeping – Support Play
  • Goalkeeping – Decision Making
  • Goalkeeping – Organisation at Corners/Free Kicks

 Section No 4 - Coaching Varied Tactical Formations

  • Formation 4-4-2
  • Formation 4-3-3
  • Formation 3-4-3
  • Formation 4-5-1
  • Formation 3-5-2
  • Formation 3-4-2-1
  • Formation 4-1-3-2

The Interactive CD

Contains the 170 page coaches handbook in full colour so you can print off any session plan

Football Fitness section and Tactical Formnations setion

Every section 1-4 and every session plan listed above is provided as an interactive TACBOARD presentations so you can interact with them, change slide by slide and develop your own session plans

What is TACBOARD(c)

The Use of Interactive Software for the Coach and Player/Team to develop Session/Tactical Understanding

Is a fully interactive coaching resource(c) that utilises Microsoft PowerPoint software.

Your display will be in FULL COLOUR pitch layout and format where you click the mouse and you will see the players movement on and off the ball, travel of the ball, vital and detailed information next to the pitch on where, when and what to coach and even where you should stand.

You can interact with the software(c) by moving the players and the ball where you wish, by pressing certain keys on your PC you can go backwards and forwards as many times as you wish.

The package is designed for you to see on your PC, build your own sessions but maybe as a coaching tool where you can show players what you want them to do on your laptop or PC and then bring the session to life on the pitch. Great for set plays and certain tactical moves.

You can also let the players become involved by designing coaching sessions and set plays for example which will enhance understanding at advanced level and of course let players express themselves in the tactical analysis of the next game.


This resource is NOT AN Official FA product, sold or advertised as one. The resource has been complied by a UEFA ‘A’ Licenced Tutor who has developed the resource for private sale through PSC UK. It is not intended to contradict any information or guidance provided by FA Tutors but designed to supplement information received and develop you as a coach on your coaching pathway.

 Many thanks for your time and I hope your coaching pathway leads to success. If you would like any other coaching resources please look at my other items at www.prosoccercoachuk.com

Jed Starkey

UEFA 'A' Licence
Director of Development


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