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The Complete Coach Advanced CD set


A Set of 2 Full Colour Professionally Bound Handbook Resources and 2 CDs

£34.99 Postage Free (UK only)


This resources is acomplete set of ALL our other resources on offer.  It is designed for a Club Coahcing resource or teh Advanced Coach.  For both the UEFA 'A' and 'B' Advanced Coaching and the Level 2 Coaching resources you will receive a full colour profesionally bound handbook (1 for each)

In addition you will also receive a 2x CDs containing varied sessions plans with advanced coaches information handbooks on the following areas of Advanced Coaching;

  • UEFA 'A' and UEFA'B' Practices  (Squad and Skills practices, Functions, Phasesof Play, 11v11 practices, set plays ect)
  • FA Level 2 Practices (30 1hr Full Themed practices, technique to skill to 4v4 GRP)
  • Football Specific Fitness for Advanced Coaches, included a MSFT (Bleep test) audio for you to use
  • Small Sided Games (SSGs)
  • Coaching Tactical Formations
  • Coaching Specific Positiions
To purchase the set individually would cost over £125

Alternative offer

You can just purchase all of the above on 2x CDs for £20.00

Please note that this offer is WITHOUT THE PRINTED BOOKS however they will be on the CDs for you to print off) 

For details how to purchase just click on the tab at the top of the page or Just send an e-mail with your request to;

Regards and good luck on your coaching pathway
Jed starkey

UEFA 'A' and Senior FA Tutor
UEFA 'A' and UEFA 'B' Coaching Practices & Coaches Handbook
Level 2 Coaching Practices & Coaches Handbook
Coaching Small Sided Games on CD
Coaching Varied Tactical Formations on CD
Coaching Specific Positions on CD
Football Fitness on CD
The Complete Coach Advanced CD set