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Coaching Specific Positions on CD


 Coaching Players in Specific Positions on Interactive CD

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Over 20 fully interactive coaching sessions and plans using TACBOARD(c) which is Full Colour pitch layout showing practices such as Functions, Small Sided Games (SSGs) and Phases of Play.


Every session is developed so that you can see player movement, pathway of passes, where players should run and support in all areas of the pitch.

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20 Fully interactive and developmental coaching session covering the principles of attack and defence in following specific areas; 

 Back 4 Defenders - Defending Across the back 4 around the penalty area 

Midfield Receiving & Turning

Goalkeepers - Support play

Goalkeepers - Distribution

Strikers and Wingers - Dribbling to an End Product 

 Defenders - Passing out of defence to strikers

Central Defenders - How to Defend Effectively

Central Midfield Players - How to defend effectively

Full Backs - Passing into forward positions/players

Full Backs - Running with the ball out of defence

Midfield Players – Support play and positive passing

Wingers – Effective crossing

SSG – Unit Combination play in wide areas wingers and strikers

SSG – Zonal marking on corners and set plays 

 SSG – Passing and Support play


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Jed Starkey

UEFA 'A' & FA Licecned Tutor




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