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Football Fitness on CD





for Every Playing Position, Every Unit and the Whole Team

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“Having worked and coached with Professional Clubs, UEFA Coaching Courses and assisted Grass Roots Clubs, there is still a misconception that all players can perform to the same level!  This is not true of course as players are individuals not a collective when it comes to their body.

 Good coaches will endeavour to seek information on how to test individual players and provide specific developmental programme of fitness, speed, strength and agility sessions that will enhance the player’s individualism”


This CD only costs £5.99 and contains information for the development of your players in three distinct areas;


1-   The Testing of players Fitness and Agility

2-   A programme of 10 TACBOARD© sessions to develop and improve that individual and team fitness and agility

3-   A support programme stretching that will further assist the development of players both pore, mid and post season.

Specific testing and then a programme of training are essential for the development of players at all levels of ability.  As the coach you can gather information and data that will allow you to plan and deliver exciting and imaginative training sessions that will develop the follow key aspects of a players fitness needs.

What you have at your disposal in this coaching resource;

  • Ø A range of fitness tests for all ages and abilities
  • Ø Support tables and results gathering sheets
  • Ø Programmes for players and coaches
  • Ø Session plans to meet player and coach requirements
  • Ø Full support materiel such as audio CDs


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Many thanks and good luck with your coaching

Jed Starkey UEFA 'A' Licenced Coach & Coach Educator



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