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Coaching Varied Tactical Formations on CD



An Interactive CD £7.99

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 Every thought of changing formation but not known how to or the reason why?


Every played against a team who do not play the conventional 4-4-2 and don’t understand how to play against it?  

Well this resource could provide all the answers!!  

This resource comes to you on a fully interactive CD with the following contents and only cost £7.99



 Resource No1 - Interactive TACBOARD(c) CD  

With extensive variations on tactical formations and how to use and coach them. Each formation pack shows set up, player movement and how to coach them such as;

4-1-4-1    4-5-1   4-2-3-1  4-5-2  4-4-2 and more



Resource NO2 – Coaches Handbook (On the CD) 

A full colour handbook (On the CD not printed out) that provides information, analysis and detailed instructions how to play varying formations and the reasons why.  

Its important that you fully understand that tactical formations are only successful after analysing the strengths and weakness of your team and the team you are playing against.  If you have not got a forward who can hold the ball up and link play then   4-5-1 is not the formation to use.



For £7.99 its got to be worth it so to purchase this product just follow the following PROCESS;  

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Regards and many thanks

Jed Starkey UEFA 'A' Licenced FA Tutor


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