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Level 2 Coaching Practices & Coaches Handbook


Coaches Support Handbook & CD


From Technique to Skill and onto Game Related Practices (4v4) 


This what you are buying for £16.99

 This resources comes to you in 3 parts

 Part 1 - 65 Page FULL COLOUR Coaches Handbook

 Part 2 A fully interactive CD using TACBOARD(c)

 Part 3 - Direct On Line Tutor Support

Part 1 – The Professionally Bound Coaches Handboo

Over 80 full clour pages of detailed information for high quality coaching at Level 2 with information on terminology, session planning and delivery, analysis and evaluation                                                                       

Over 30 x 1 hour themed session plans. (See session list below)

Designed to assist your development and provide information on how to develop your sessions from set up, progressions, what, where and who to coach and assist your  preparation for successful assessments

Part 2 - A Professionally Compiled Interactive CD

You get the 80 page coaches handbook in FULL COLOUR so that you can print off the sessions plans of your choice

Over 30 themed interactive sessions on TACBOARD(c) which is a full colour pitch display layout.  Each session shows layout, full player movement, travel of the ball and progressions session by session slide by slide which you can go backwards and forwards at your leisure.      There is information on technical and tactical decisions and even who what and where to coach and even where you should stand!    






    Here is the list of the Level 2 Sessions from Technique to Skill to 4v4 games that you will receive. 

    Each with full colour session plans for each of the phases Technique to Skill to 4v4 games and more.

    Short Ground Passing

    Ground Passing and Control

    Aerial Passing x2 versions

    Aerial Passing and Control

    Long Passing and Control

    Support Play x3 versions

    Creating Space as an Individual, Unit and Team

    Receiving and Turning x2 versions


    Shooting and Variations on Finishing

    Defending Organised

    Defending when Outnumbered (Disorganised) 2 Versions

    Running with the Ball (RWTB)

    Runs Off the Ball to Create and Exploit Space

    Switching Play

    Attacking Headers

    Defensive Headers

    Goalkeeping x2 versions

    Shooting & Finishing x3 versions

    Speed and Agility and Fitness Training sessions

    Effective Warm Up for a passing practice

    The presentations are fully interactive so you can see player movement, pathway of the ball and full information on what you have to coach. Each presentation provides;
    Slide 1 – Session introduction

    Slide 2 – Organisation of the Technical Practice

    Slide 3 – Delivery of The Technical Practice (The how to phase)

    Slide 4 – Delivery of The Skills Practice with support players (The decison making phase as a unit)

    Slide 5 – Delivery of The 4v4 Directional Game (Ther unit and team game understanding phase)

    Slide 6 - What have the players developed & what have you evaluated as the coach? 

    Part 3 - On Line Tutor Support


    Once you have purchased this resource you have direct on line link on a Tutor for guidance and support. I will assist your coaching pathway but will not provide any answers regarding your coaching course or course task as that question should be directed to your course Tutor. 

    I will provide answers to questions reagrdsing practices within the resource and how you can prepare for your assesment


    Please be aware that this resource is NOT advertised or sold as an Official FA product.  It has been designed by Tutors and Coaches to support your coaching pathway at level 2. 






    Jed Starkey









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